In beautiful Southern Utah, and within a 1-day truck access to 48 million people throughout the Western U.S., BZI Innovation Park provides an 820-acre rail-served development aimed at providing ongoing services, jobs, and growth.


BZI Innovation Park is a
Designated UIPA Project Area


About BZI Innovation Park

With a dedicated team of developers, on-site transload services, and logistics, BZI Innovation Park will be built to provide:

  • 8.5 million

    8.5 million square feet of rail-served industrial & warehouse space

  • 1 million

    1 million square feet of commercial office space

  • 200+ units

    218 multifamily units of affordable housing

  • Rail Service

    Integrated rail transload services within BZI Innovation Park

  • 2500+

    Within 10-15 years, 2500+ employees in businesses located within BZI Innovation Park

Businesses & industries
in the park will include:

Businesses & industries
in the park will include:

  • Construction manufacturing
  • Aerospace/advanced manufacturing
  • Warehouse distribution
  • Data centers